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...that we know of.

After all, it's only the Internet.

Sometimes The Dragon WinsWelcome to the Galactic Kegger, an online cantina for difference-making realists. A place where those who’ve BTDT and grew a conscience in the process can hang out and be edutained. Food for thought is served piping hot in our establishment.

GK content caters to those who, among other things, prefer grasping the distinctions between:

  • Real life & video game fantasyland
  • church & state
  • genuine concern & personal agenda

… and one of our favorites…

  • being legendary in action & being legendary in one’s own mind.

Contrary to popular belief, the world doesn’t suck. Though it can be debated how many of the people who influence its rules and laws do.

 Hmmm… I think we’ll explore that one…

Above the law? Acceptable only in unconventional warfare (civil government does not rate) this modus operandi’s underlying objectives and ulterior motives may merit some scrutiny.

Hmmm… I think we’ll explore that one too…

Oh… and why can’t Cryptic Studios include a jar of Vaseline with every lifetime subscription order?

It is our intent to delve into what’s fascinating and share what we find. If stuff is uncovered that flies against established principle… then perhaps established principle could benefit from some remediation. If we spot someone with their pants down in the middle of performing an unsavory act… then they’d better have a kevlar posterior. If our perspectives offend, then by all means… please feel free to be offended.

Fearless is blind to consequence, while courageous understands consequence and embraces the challenge anyway. So pour your favorite beverage, strap in and let the journey begin!

Ain't technology wonderful?

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    Interesing article – and scary…

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    Hi there – great stuff… Just a quick side question…Is it okay to highlight a portion of this post for an upcoming content piece I’m working on? You make some great points and not sure I can word things better than you already have!

  • Life is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates. So you’re stuck with this undefinable whipped mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there’s nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while there’s a peanut butter cup or an English toffee. But they’re gone too fast and the taste is… fleeting. So, you end up with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts. And if you’re desperate enough to eat those, all you got left is an empty box filled with useless brown paper wrappers.

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    Please do if it helps drive home your story. All I ask is that your content piece link back to this post as a journalistic reference. Cheers!

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    Not really looking but if there are authors who have good stuff that fits our style and really want to contribute, then I’d be all for it. Just so you know there will be a back and forth editing process, and we would publish the final piece under your name with a link back to your site if so desired. Direct author access to Galactickegger.com wouldn’t happen until trust has been earned of course. As I have your email addy, please email me directly at GalKeg from that email so I’ll know it’s you. From there we can discuss stuff. cheers!

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  • Vincire:

    Good read. As a non-raider, I found the alternative endgame content very unimaginitive and uninspired. This lead me to cancelling my subscription a couple of months after it was released and I had spent some time at 85. With the likes of Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR being released soon, I have to wonder if Blizzard’s business model will continue to be a sustainable situation.

  • Glandon:

    You make good points. I did some research myself and found a number of people either consent with your blog or have “no comment” lol.

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  • GalKeg:

    Thank you Vincire! I beta’d the original GW and own the Factions & Nightfall expansions. I stopped playing because I wasn’t a big fan of everything being instanced (and a big reason I like WoW.) But I DO already have my early access code redeemed for SWTOR – which looks exciting and could become the sci-fi MMO 600lb. gorilla. (I’ll be blogging on that some more soon.)

    Ya… I have a feeling Blizzard’s focus may be shifting away from WoW. Other than the Goblin and Worgen starting areas (Goblin especially) it felt like their heart really wasn’t into it.

    StarCraft II expansions and going live with Diablo 3 appear to be their primary objectives right now. SC2 is gradually achieving the same eSports commercial success that the original did, and D3 is also a high priority because of demand. Now, they’ve been leaking tidbits on a “Next Gen” MMO pet-named Titan which supposedly can co-exist with WoW, but I’m not sure the co-existence isn’t a ploy to prevent WoW players from being scared off.

    Seems Blizz has designs on recreating the Microsoft model for gaming industry ownership which could spread their resources so thin that the risk of fragmenting their customer base becomes a concern. Unless of course Blizzard somehow comes up with an OS exclusive to desktop gaming. But I’d rather not – oh wait… what a great idea for a blog!

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  • “Love is my religion – I could die for it.” ~ John Keats

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  • GalKeg:

    Interesting question. I agree this post is a bit dark compared to the rest, but it was a genuine eye opener I had to share. I try to be a storyteller first and foremost, so my focus is squarely on content. Variety is merely a byproduct. As for the post titles – they typically create themselves either while I’m writing or soon after I’m done.

    For SEO purposes I suppose I could include linked keywords in my articles (like a press release) to improve website positioning. But any links I have within a post only reference a point that I feel needs to be referenced at the moment readers encounter it. Strategic positioning isn’t even a consideration when I write to be honest.

    It all comes down to what you feel works really. If your topics allow you to add keywords in the title or body that can be searched on… great! If not, then don’t force it or the read will come off as an advertisement. Achieving the balance you’re looking for will pose the greatest challenge I think.

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  • GalKeg:

    Now THAT’S funny :-)

  • OH YES! At last SOMEONE is actually confronting the obvious. Wonderful write-up

  • Jack Taylor:

    Really interesting take on the WoW situation. I, like some others who’ve found your blog, was looking for some unbiased commentary on the state and progression of WoW over the years. There have always been instances of people quitting, then returning, then quitting again etc. (myself being a culprit of that particular pattern on more than one occasion), but there really does seem to be a significant feel around the community that WoW is now entering a sort of ‘final decline’, which I suppose is sad in a way.

    I don’t think the announcement of the new expansion has done much to sway the more mature players who feel they’ve outgrown the game, either.. I’d be interested to know if you still play?

    Anyway, thank you for an interesting analysis on the game as it stands, and as it has stood in times gone by! A good read!

  • GalKeg:

    Thx Jack and you’re welcome!

    I still play but infrequently, having pretty much broken the “addiction.” I’ll occasionally run lowbies or a random here and there just to escape RL for a couple hours – but that’s about it. I think my highest ilevel toon is 341 (Tauren warrior) – not exactly raid-geared lol.

    In many ways I miss raiding, mostly the elements of team problem solving and blowing stuff up with intelligent people whose company I’ve come to enjoy over the years. But as a raider & senior guild officer I found that offline study of attribute caps/spells/talents/procs/rotations, as well as replaying TankSpot & YouTube videos of raid progressions and bossfights, took up more time than the raiding itself. Add to that the multiple hours each day committed to running randoms and repetitive dailies on multiple toons, farming – plus guild officer-related responsibilities – and WoW became a 2nd job. As a small business owner and administrator I don’t have time for a 2nd job!

    The guild has now downed every boss in Cataclysm save one. Having co-founded the guild and authored their raiding program, I am truly happy for them and proud of their accomplishemnets. But end game’s race to ilevel uberdom is in my rear view mirror. So ya I guess you’re right – it does feel like I’ve outgrown WoW.

    I will continue to play (albeit sparingly) and purchase the expansions even though I’m pretty sure raid gear acquisition will endure as WoW’s primary focus. Hence, I’ll probably never again take the game seriously. Nonetheless… I really do miss those wild and crazy “Margarita Runs” with my online friends.

  • Mihalik:

    You’re so cool! I’ve NEVER read anything like this before. Definitely original and risque!

  • Alexis Guritz:

    Spot on…

  • Rochelle Rosch:

    Amazing article! Were you thinking of making the actual game?

  • LMAO nice to see someone else is paying attention

  • Carl:

    Killer review and an excellent read. I operate a SC2 Guide site and am looking for player opinions to help it shine. There are too many paid guides out there and we just want to provide Starcraft 2 players with gameplay information they need without gouging them. We have terran/zerg/protoss unit guides and multiplayer strategies too. Would be awesome if you could link back to us. Thanks!

  • Postlewait:

    I think this is bullshit. As a civilization we need to grow up and realize that no one is perfect, and maybe now that we can see everyones imperfections en-mass, we should start embracing what we are.

  • wayneolympic:

    haha – so this game’s not doing it for you then?

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  • Regina:

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  • Marcia:

    In the last election I did not vote for a single Democrat or Republican. I refuse to validate either of these corrupt organizations… and I will not participate in electing their corrupt scoundrels.

  • Corrine:

    We know this problem exists with big banks and bankers, now what are we going to do about it? Other than protest on Wall Street and Main Street what’s our next step? We can’t recall Obama’s financial team — what do we do?

  • Rusty:

    This is very attention-grabbing – got mine. You are a skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed & shared your website in my social networks. Good stuff, keep it coming.

  • GalKeg:

    Thanks for stopping by Corrine. Good question. Me … here’s a few things I do to protect myself:
    - I pay with a debit card or cash as often as I can.
    - No revolving credit purchases. Having minimal credit history will cause your credit score to take a hit, but fuck ‘em.
    - If I plan to buff my credit score, I’ll take out two 2-year personal loans, keep ‘em stashed in a savings account & pay them off in 3 months.
    - Stay away from PayPal.
    - I subscribe online using alias emails.
    - I do not allow online retailers to retain my billing information after a purchase.

    In essence, I take the same approach with my digital footprint that I take with my carbon footprint … MINIMIZE IT.