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Brutal Mode aside, there is also a sizable library of World of Warcraft-style achievements available that players can chase, both in campaign mode (on Casual, Normal and Hard Mode settings) as well as in PvP mode. The campaign is broken down into seven mission trees, three of them conclude with having the player choose one of two campaign plot paths. The campaign's closing mission tree has a final plot branch that is a point of no return. Once this mission is completed the entire final mission tree is no longer available for replay, precluding the player from earning every possible mission achievement within a single campaign. Read the rest of this entry »
One could surmise that our own government not only sanctions - but is a major client of - personal information hackers. Lawmakers are allowing its constituents’ personal information to be pimped out for their political gain, and then letting door-to-door salestypes openly walk the public streets with it. Protection of personal privacy is now so far out of reach for even the most technically aware American citizen that there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it without risking civil war. Read the rest of this entry »
It was a bustling gameday Sunday morning, December 12th, 1965 – almost 4 months to the day after the Watts riots began. Still vivid were memories of a scary Saturday night when the Rams preseason game against the Bears was stopped because of the violence. The countless cracks of gunfire echoing through the streets as we hauled ass out of there replayed in our heads at full volume every time we went back. Read the rest of this entry »
Great. So ROI is an important consideration when engaging in philanthropic “investing.” I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked. But whatever happened to doing it purely because it was the noble thing to do? Enter Mr. "I want to send all the right messages in my work" George Lucas. Read the rest of this entry »

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